SorbaSHOCK, LLC is committed to being at the forefront of force reduction floor technologies. Our goal is to reduce the number and severity of injuries due to falls. SorbaSHOCK™’s patent-pending Dual-Stiffness™floor underlayment is appropriate for assisted living, skilled nursing, Alzheimer/dementia, hospital, and residential installations.

SorbaSHOCK™ may be installed in nearly all areas of direct foot contact, including bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and common areas. Simply put, SorbaSHOCK™ belongs wherever walking traffic and the associated risk of falls are present.

A skilled and diverse team of business managers, engineers, and advisors comprise the SorbaSHOCK, LLC team, and we are all strongly committed to protect and improve the quality of life for seniors and others who are at risk of falling.

Demographics and Falls

It is well known that the populations in the U.S. and abroad are aging. The costs associated with falls-related injuries are already high, at over $20B per year in the U.S. alone.

These costs will more than double by 2020, and are projected reach $240B by 2040. At the same time, Medicare and Medicaid no longer cover the costs associated with falls-related injuries. The solution is SorbaSHOCK™.

If you are a healthcare provider, or just interested in learning more about SorbaSHOCK™, please feel free to download a side presentation which explains the benefits of SorbaSHOCK™ and highlights some recent installations.